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We Sell Packard Cars

Do you want to buy a Packard Car, you can get it through us. We sell high-quality Packard vehicles that are in great shape. As a foundation dedicated to sustaining the Packard legacy in Australia, we have access to the different Packard owners in the country and overseas, and if you are looking to buy a Packard, there is no better place to come to than us. After many years since Packard has stopped production, the Packard cars still in existence have acquired the status of the classic car with many car collectors looking to acquire one. In the marque’s category, Packard is one of the cars with the highest surviving number, but even with that, the number of surviving cars listed in the roster is only 1927. This shows how exclusive the car has become. With a large percentage of this number in the hands of private owners, buying a Packard is not as simple as buying a Toyota or Honda. The marques classic car ownership club is a very exclusive one, and we are part of this club. This gives you direct access to all the information about car sales, and we can tell who is selling what at any time.

If you are looking to get a Packard, we have them available in various models from the Packard Super Eight to the Packard 120 to the Packard Hawk. Even the particular class package you are looking for is not available at that point in time; we will help you stay on the lookout for when the model will be on the market and notify you about it as soon as possible. We organise our Packard sales using different formats from auctions to dealerships, and we make sure the car is in good shape for its age before selling it to you. Our Packard cars are available at fair market price, and we also provide a valuation of Packard cars based on the current market price.

Access to Automotive Collectors

A core part of our Foundation is Automotive collectors. These are dedicated enthusiasts who have collected not only automobiles and commercial vehicles, but large libraries of related materials.  Many are beginning to consider the proper disposition of their collections, realising that their heirs may not be interested or have the knowledge to make the decisions that will see to their proper care and usefulness for the future.  This is where our Foundation can help, by making arrangements for placement in our own archive to be established at the Proving Grounds, a specified one, or in one of our participating museums.

And if they want to transfer the car to another car collector, we are happy to help them oversee the transaction.

Why Buy Packard Cars from us

  • We possess the knowledge and expertise on all Packard models.
  • We have access to information on collectors and private owners who want to sell their cars.
  • We use precise market valuation for sale.
  • Every Packard car we sell is in great condition.