Getting To Know Us

Packard Motor Foundation is an Australian non-profit educational organisation dedicated to the preservation of the Product, Properties & History of The Packard Motor Car Company.

Our activities are tailored to support our goals and include raising funds, affiliating with clubs, museums, and other educational programs, which will gives us the chance to look for, identify and take part in the preserving the legacy of all American automotive companies.  We also receive donations.

History of the Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1997, and a Board of Trustees is in charge of the management. Members of the Board donate their skills and expertise from various business backgrounds to the Foundation. All funds that are collected are held in trust and used strictly for the projects of the Foundation, and the Foundation Overhead is covered by the Trustees.

The Foundation built The Packard Proving Grounds in 1927. This property was built for over a million dollars, and it includes parkways, a time tower, Tudor-revival buildings, and magnificent entrance gates. It was designed by Albert Kahn. The property was managed for many years, and when Ford took over Packard and decided to use the property for development, the Foundation was able to get significant parts of the property for restoration and to be in its perpetual care.

Board of Trustee

The Board is in charge of the management of the Foundation, and they oversee and coordinate all the activities of the Foundation. Members of the Board are people who are known for their passion for Packard vehicles with many of them owning Packard cars or coming from a long line of Packard enthusiasts. They are enthusiasts and professionals, walking encyclopedias of Packard knowledge, and many of them are members of several classic car clubs.

Automotive Collectors

Automotive collectors are dedicated enthusiasts who have collected not only automobiles and commercial vehicles, but large libraries of related materials.  Many are beginning to consider the proper disposition of their collections, realising that their heirs may not be interested or have the knowledge to make the decisions that will see to their proper care and usefulness for the future.  This is where our Foundation can help, by making arrangements for placement in our own archive to be established at the Proving Grounds, a specified one, or in one of our participating museums.

Partners in Preservation

All interested historians are invited to consider the benefits afforded through the tax advantage, but more importantly, the peace of mind in knowing that your collection will be properly cared for, treasured and displayed for the benefit of future enthusiasts.  Of course, not everyone has a collection to donate, and by becoming a “Friend of the Foundation”, you can help with the restoration of the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site, thereby saving a place where all automotive history can be displayed for future generations.