Packard Motor

Packard Motor Foundation is an Australian Organisation Dedicated to the preservation of the Product, Properties & History of The Packard Motor Car Company

Welcome to Packard Motor Foundation

We are an Australian non-profit educational organisation dedicated to preserving the Product, Properties & History of The Packard Motor Car Company.

Our activities are tailored to support our goals, including fundraising, affiliations with museums, clubs, and programs of education, which will place us in a position to seek out, identify and participate in the preservation of the legacy of all American automobile companies.  We also receive donations.

History of the Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1997, and a Board of Trustees is in charge of the management. Members of the Board donate their skills and expertise from various business backgrounds to the Foundation. All funds collected are held in trust and used strictly for the Foundation’s projects, and the Trustees cover the Foundation Overhead.

The Foundation built The Packard Proving Grounds in 1927. This property was built for over a million dollars, and it includes parkways, a time tower, Tudor-revival buildings, and magnificent entrance gates. Albert Kahn designed it. The property has managed the property for years. When Ford took over Packard and decided to use the property for development, the Foundation was able to get significant parts of the property for restoration and to be in its perpetual care.


Packard was one of the premier luxury cars in America in the first half of the 20th century, James Packard established it. The latter felt he could produce better cars than Winton Motor Carriage Company, the leading car manufacturer in America.

Popular Models

Packard produced many classic cars that stood out at that time. But some were iconic in many respects and continue to stand out till today. Such cars like the Packard Hawk, Packard 120, Packard 180, Packard Super Eight, and Packard Mayfair were exceptional in many respects.

Packard for Sale

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Car Finance

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Car Insurance

Car insurance is an essential part of car ownership and most likely, the next thing you have to consider after buying the car. Insurance can be tricky when it comes to classic cars like the Packard because it is not the regular insurance package that applies in this case. Thus, it is advisable to let an insurance professional handle the process for you or get more information first.