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Welcome and Thank You for visiting the Foundation Web Site. We have provided the photos on this page as "Thumbnail Buttons" for your enjoyment.  As you read about the Trustees, click on the thumbnails to enlarge the Packards.

We look forward to your joining with us in the preservation of The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site.


HoodornAZHR.jpg (168607 bytes)Dr. Charles Blackman, of Indiana, is retired from Michigan State University and serves on the board of Olivet College and on the board of The Automotive National Heritage Area for South East and Central Michigan, as well. He is a long time collector of vintage automobiles and is a member of The Society of Automotive Historians, The Classic Car Club and The Packard Club.

Bruce Blevins, of Grand Blanc, Michigan is President of Blevins Screw Blevins-car-for-website.jpg (92643 bytes)Products Inc., a supplier of precision machine parts for the aircraft and aerospace industry.  His first memory of a Packard was sitting in his Uncle's 1934 convertible coupe at age 8.  He bought his first Packard when he was 18 years old.  He serves as Treasurer of the Foundation, holds an officer position in the Motor City Packards Region of Packard Automobile Classics, belongs to Packard International, and the Classic Car Club of America.  He owns 4 Packards, all 1933 models.

1933 Eight sedan

38Limo.jpg (90295 bytes)Brian Burke, of New York, is an Automobile Claims Adjuster for Allstate Insurance. He is a long-time member of The Classic Car Club and The Packard Club where he is currently serving as a Trustee on its National Board. He owns 4 Packards, ranging from a 1917 Twin Six to a 1955 Caribbean.
                                                                                                                                                                 1938 Twelve 1608 limousine


55 Keith Dromowicz at PPG sh lite med.jpg (50140 bytes)Keith Dromowicz, of Michigan, is a Security Director for a tier-1 automotive supplier.  Keith is a 3rd generation Packard enthusiast.  His grandfather was with Packard from 1938 to 1956 and his father was one of the founders of Motor City Packards club.  Keith is involved with several car clubs including Motor City Packards, where he sits on the Board of Directors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1955 Super Clipper 


37TwelveHR.jpg (226571 bytes)Bud Juneau, of California, is a retired educator and well-known writer and photographer of vintage automobiles.  He created our web site and is our webmaster.  He collects cars from a wide range of eras, is a member of The Society of Automotive Historians, Packard Clubs, The Classic Car Club and The Antique Automobile Club of America. 

1937 Twelve 1508 touring sedan

Richard  Kughn, of Michigan, is a property developer, former CEO of Lionel Trains Inc., and was operator of "Car-Rail", a 41-woodyHR-warren.jpg (95421 bytes) museum devoted to antique and classic cars and toy trains.  He has a number of Packards in his collection, has been a long-time supporter of the Meadowbrook Concours, and has been involved in historical preservation.  He is a long-time member of The Classic Car Club and The Packard Club.


David Kane, of New Jersey, builds luxury homes and collects a wide variety of vintage automobiles.  He is active in many car clubs including The Classic Car Club and Packard Clubs.  He sits on a 37TwelveConvSed.jpg (26609 bytes) number of foundation boards and was recently involved with the restoration and preservation of a historic inn located in the town of Bernardsville, N.J.

1937 Twelve convertible sedan


Richard M. Langworth CBE, of New Hampshire and Bahamas, has written forty books and 2000 articles on automotive history, conceived of and co-edited the Automobile Quarterly Packard history, and was editor of The Packard Cormorant magazine from 1975 through 2001.  HeGatsby small.jpg (242412 bytes) was appointed a CBE for his work as founder of The Churchill Centre in Washington, DC. He now owns the 1936 One Twenty convertible he had been seeking for ten years.



                                                                                                                                                                1936 One Twenty convertible


Roger Luksik of Michigan is serving as Foundation President.  He has served as chairman in two successful Packard Club National Meets that have held events at the Proving Grounds.  He drives a 1941 160 convertible sedan.  


John MacArthur of Michigan, is an attorney who serves on the Packard 48Su8HR.jpg (19004 bytes) Proving Grounds preservation committee, and is our connection to involvement in saving the Proving Grounds and related structures.  His collecting has always specialized in Packards and his grandfather was Chief Body Engineer for the Packard Motor Car Company, starting with the Company in 1928.

                                                                                                                                                                            1948 Super Eight convertible

Ralph Marano of New Jersey has many years of experience in the used car field and has assembled an extensive collection of antique and classic cars.  A selection of his finest are on display in a private museum he calls "The Toy Box" where he has held fund-raising receptions for the benefit of The Packard Proving Grounds. Cars on display at the Toy Box include 13 Packards, including seven Darrins the largest collection in the world as well as a Dietrich, a LeBaron and a rare 1952 Pan American by Henney.

1941 Darrin convertible victoria


1930_740_large.jpg (62800 bytes)Neal Porter, of Michigan, is a real estate developer and mechanical engineer.  He has been an active participant in work parties at the Proving Grounds and led the group that shored up and wrapped the Timing Tower to preserve it.  He has a substantial multi-make car collection and is active in The Classic Car Club and Packard Clubs.

1930 Series 740 roadster

Mark Smucker, of Indiana , is an interventional cardiologist whose first Packard purchase was inspired by a photograph of a1931_840_crop_small.jpg (158141 bytes) beautiful 1953 Caribbean on the cover of a book catalogue.  His grandfather was a Dodge dealer who sold Packards in northwestern Ohio before being forced to drop the Packard line.  Mark is on the board of the Studebaker National Museum and belongs to Packard Automobile Classics, the Classic Car Club, Antique Automobile Club, and the Studebaker Drivers Club.  His multi- make collection includes five Packards.                                                                                     1931 840 Sport Landaulet


Don Sommer, of Michigan is President of American Arrow Corporation, maker of Classic auto parts.  He is founder and chairman 30_Smokies_2sm.jpg (83250 bytes)of the Meadowbrook Concours and is a member of the Antique Automobile Club, Veteran Motor Car Club, Packard clubs, Classic Car Club and Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Club.  He collects cars from a variety of eras and of many makes.


1930 Series 740


Greg Stachura, of Canton, Michigan is a freight broker.  He joined36Packard.jpg (81222 bytes) the Foundation Board in 2001, served as Treasurer, and was on the membership committee of The Packard Club where he developed the Packard Yellow Pages for the membership directory.  He favorite Packard is a 1936 Super 8 Coupe.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               1936 Series 1404 coupe


Honorary Trustees:

    Jack Gaughf, South Carolina


Honorary Trustees in Memoriam

    Edward Herrmann, Connecticut

    Keith Tribe, England

    Roger White, Texas

    Russ Murphy, Michigan

    Sunny Turnquist, New Jersey


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