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Right from the start, Packard automobiles were designed and built to be the finest.  It went without saying that this was the purpose of the Packard brothers, and as time went by, only men with similar goals were brought into the company.  The highest grade materials were sought out to build and furnish the cars, and there was no fear in using the company slogan of "Ask The Man Who Owns One."  It is no wonder, then, that Packard gained a reputation that no other make could achieve.  Movie stars, Presidents, Candidates, Heads of State, Sports stars, and the Socially Prominent wanted to own or be seen in a Packard.  No other car provided the latest engineering, safety, reliability, comfort, style, and value.  No other company could have provided the photos below from the Packard Archives, courtesy of the Automotive History Collection of The Detroit Public Library.

1901 Model C, one-cylinder, 12 hp.  The driver is Russell Huff, head of Packard experimental branch. The passenger is Milton Tibbetts, Packard's patent attorney. The car was bought back from the original owner for use in a 1910 lawsuit.

1914 4-48 with Barney Oldfield at the wheel; Harvey Firestone in right-front seat.  Barney Oldfield was the first man to drive a car at 60 mph on a closed track. Hence the saying: "Who do you think you are? Barney Oldfield?" Harvey Firestone founded Firestone Tire and Rubber Company.  He was close friends with the Packard brothers, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison.

1916 First-series Twin Six limousine.  Actress Anna Held (with dog in arms) entering the car as chauffeur waits.  Anna was protégée of Florenz Ziegfeld, of Ziegfeld's Follies fame.  Anna enjoyed several successes on Broadway that bolstered Ziegfeld's fortune and made her a millionaire in her own right.  During World War I she went to France, worked in vaudeville, performed for soldiers, and raised money for the war effort.

1924 First Series single eight brougham, custom body by Gustav Nordbergs, built for the Premier of Sweden.

1926 236 Eight, Queen Marie of Romania in state visit parade.

1927 Third-series eight with Baby Snookums at the wheel, age 2-1/2, in St. Louis, Missouri.  Snookums was played by Sunny McKeen and was star of the series The Newlyweds and their Baby silent short films.  In all, Sunny played in 39 films in this series.

1927 343 Eight in New York parade honoring Commander Richard E. Byrd after his trans-Atlantic flight. 

1927 Model 336 custom roadster, for western-star Buck Jones, shot on location with his horse. Radiator cap has statue of owner, name etched on wind wings, and steer-head with horns on radiator-front, above special horn.

1928 443 Custom Eight personal car of Horace Mann Towner, Governor of Puerto Rico, heading for a parade with Charles Lindbergh after his successful cross-Atlantic flight.  Motorcycles are ready to escort.

1928 443 being used in a Dallas, Texas parade to carry President Franklin Roosevelt.  Even though the year is around 1936, judging from the fender of the Packard behind, an 8-year-old Packard is perfectly suitable for the President of the United States.

1929 645 DeLuxe 8, driven by Werner Risch, Swiss distributor for Packard, photographed in the Swiss Alps.

1929 628 with Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks, traveling by Packard in China.

1930 740 Custom Eight roadster in a movie still of A Show Girl in Hollywood, starring Alice White & John Milgan.

1932 906 Dietrich convertible sedan at Factory. Mr. & Mrs. Gene Sarazen taking delivery from Packard President, Alvan Macauley.  Gene Sarazen, famed golfer (winner of both British & U.S. Open Championships) was president of Wheaties Sports Foundation,

1932 903 Eight DeLuxe sport phaeton, owned by Hollywood star, Jean Harlow (above).

1932 902 convertible victoria in driveway next to lawn, where radio & film star, Dick Powell, stands.

1933 1006 Twelve 147" wheelbase, Packard Custom, bullet-proof, 7-passenger limousine, built for Rafael Trujillo, President of the Dominican Republic.  Note special Wood-Lite headlights and running-board spotlights.

1934 1101 Eight 7-passenger touring car left and 1108 Twelve special limousine on right.  Note roof lights and wood wheels.  All  Packards of Emperor Kang Teh of Manchukuo were painted specially in imperial crimson, each car bearing the Emperor's crest on doors & radiator cap emblems; photographed before the gates of the Imperial Detached Palace at Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan.

1934 Twelve custom convertible victoria by LeBaron, in Puerto Rico, driven by owner, attorney Ricardo LaCosta.

1935 1207 Twelve with owner and film star, Harold Lloyd.

1935 120 sedan, being given as a gift from fans to Baltimore Orioles manager Guy Sturdy.

1936 1401 Eight convertible victoria owned by Bob Hope, shown in his Beverly Hills driveway. Note front bumper with harmonic dampeners, standard on the Twelve, optional on the Eight.

1936 1401 eight coupe and 36 120 sedan - a two-Packard family: Mr. & Mrs. Onslow Stevens. Onslow was in the Broadway play, Stage Door.  He was signed by RKO studios to play in the movie version opposite Katherine Hepburn.

1937 1507 Twelve formal sedan with owner and star, Jack Benny, in his Beverly Hills driveway.

1937 Twelve 1507 convertible victoria with owner Antonio Chopitea with daughter by backyard pool in Lima, Peru.

1937 1501 convertible victoria with Ballet Russe star, Yurek Shabelevsky, in an appropriate pose for a ballet dancer.

1937 1502 by Rollston, for his Highness the Maharaja of Gwalior (India), who owned 10 Packards.  Note right-hand drive, chrome radiator shell and headlights, siren on front bumper, and extra road light.

1938 Model 1605 convertible sedan with divider glass, in Brussels, carrying King Leopold of Belgium in a parade.

1939 1708 V-12 convertible sedan, one of 11 Packards in the fleet of King Farouk I of Egypt, seen here reviewing his troops.

1940 160 1803 convertible sedan in Iowa, with Presidential candidate Wendell Wilkie.

1946 2111 Clipper DeLuxe and owner, General "Hap" Arnold.  Note: antenna located on the side of the car, below hood opening (later moved to roof just above the windshield center post) and early placement of script on door.

1948 2233 Custom Eight convertible, with Thomas Dewey and wife, during the 1948 Presidential campaign.

1954 5431 Caribbean with Vice-President Richard Nixon, using the hood of the car to look at some papers.  Capital Airlines Constellation airliner, behind, is likely at hub airport, Washington National in D.C.

1954 5426 8-person Corporate Limousine, personal car of Mrs. Henry B. Joy, wife of the former President of Packard.  Mrs. Joy took delivery of the last production limousine produced by the company, as none were built in following years.

1955 Caribbean convertible with owner and Indy 500 winner, Bill Holland.

We close this page with a 1939 Twelve 1707 touring sedan in Egypt.  The purpose of the staged photo has been lost to time, but a Packard made the statement of world-wide acceptance that was desired.


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