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    Welcome to the Proving Grounds Night-time Illumination Page

   In the Fall of 2006 a group of professional landscape artists offered to make a donation to provide night-time illumination for the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site.  This professionally installed lighting is permanent with all conduits secured underground, and adds greatly to the beauty and identity of the site for all who pass by in the evening.  The Foundation greatly appreciates the contributions by Dennis Wylin, Heads-Up Lighting; Mike Poplars, Big Mikes Seasonal Services;  Goya Lighting Systems; and Nate Mullin, Unique Lighting Systems.  The results are spectacular as shown in the photos on this page.  In order to shorten the download time for this page, the majority of the photos are CLICKABLE thumbnails (WITH BLUE BORDERS) that take you to a display page of the photo.  Just use your browser back button to come back to this page.


        Night lights gates web.jpg (42397 bytes)                Night lights moon web.jpg (54132 bytes)                Night lights vert overall web.jpg (97769 bytes)


CLICK on a thumbnail photo to see enlarged photo.  Use Browser back button to return to this page.

        Night lights front web.jpg (61519 bytes)                Night lights flag left web.jpg (60373 bytes)                Night lights sign web.jpg (142865 bytes)


        Night lights water tower web.jpg (145321 bytes)

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