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       The Historic Site: A link to a Golden Past

        There is a mystical quality felt at the Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site because of its connection to the golden age of the American automobile industry.  It is important to preserve this best remaining property that links us to this glorious past.  A few of the chapters in the Proving Grounds historic past are told in the stories linked to this page.  We hope you will enjoy the following stories about the early history of the Packard company and the Packard Proving Grounds.  Click on the links to open each story.

        1927 - Albert Kahn picked as architect for Proving Grounds.

        1927 - Leon Duray sets world-speed record at Proving Grounds.

        1929 - Charles Lindbergh flies Packard-powered plane from Proving Grounds.

        1942 - Chrysler leases the Proving Grounds for World War II military testing.

        1953 - Universal International studios leases the Proving Grounds to make movie.

        1954 - High-speed endurance run on Proving Grounds track.

        Transportation for the rich and famous.



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