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    Welcome to our Lindbergh Hangar Window Restoration Page

                         Text by Bruce Webster.  Photos by Bruce Webster and Ken Hayden

   One of the most labor-intensive restorations undertaken to date at the Packard Proving Grounds was the repair of the windows in the Lindbergh Hangar. The hangar has widows on all sides that are comprised of 576 individual panes of fixed and movable glass. A number of these panes were broken and all of them needed to have the old compound removed and new glazing compound installed.

   This daunting task was taken on by Doug Hoisington and the Glaziers Local Union #357 from Warren, Michigan. Doug is the Apprentice Coordinator/Instructor for the Union and a great friend to the Foundation and Proving Grounds. Four classes meet each week in the afternoon (after normal working hours) Monday through Thursday for instruction and practical experience.  A number of times in the spring and fall of 2007 the classes met at the Proving Grounds; replaced broken windows, removed deteriorated glazing compound and re-glazed all of the windows in the hangar.  The glazers provided the glass and expertise; the Foundation provided the glazing compound.


   Doug scheduled the work/training sessions on different nights of the week so that all of the apprentices would have an opportunity to participate.  Many attended several of the work parties and some volunteered to be present at them all.  Their dedication is greatly appreciated and their many hands made light of a tremendous challenge all with work of first-rate quality.


   For the first time in many years, the hangar is now weather-tight, thanks to the dedication of Doug Hoisington (center photo above) and the Glazers Local Union #357.  We thank the following members who participated in this project:

Jason Antko

Richard Arndt

Bryan Apple

John Branham

David Burlingame

Andre Burnett

Angela Calimazzo

Bruce Calvin

David Coffey

Andrew Collins

Roger Conner

Alex Coopersmith

Ryan Davis

Josh Davis

Jason Dennis

Bert Edgerton

Eric Farner

Greg Gancos

Shane Gerou

Erick Giovannini

Andrew Greene

Thomas Hammond

Brian Hannaford

Scott Hanlon

Rodney Harris

Chris Hatcher

Matt Herrmann

David Hohmann

Eric Jenks

Mark Juliano

Jared Kappeli

James Karcher

Brian King

Aaron Kish

Mark Krause

Steve Lipka

Scott Labrash

Curt March

Scott McKay

Edgar Miranda

Terrence Moore

Henri Morelli

Kenneth Motte

Armour Norris

Richard Oakey

Jamie Page

Cleve Peoples

Jan Perez

Tim Pingle

John Potter

Daniel Ramirez

Terrell Richardson

Jerome Rockingham

Eric Schnake

Jeremy Shannon

David Smith

Steve Smith

Steve Soter

Sam Steiner

Adam Sulenski

Steven Swozowski

Jason Takesian

William Taverier

Ryan Thomas

Joshua Tselios

Matt Turner

Michael Turk

Brett Wagner

Kenneth Watson

George Wessels

Tarzza Williams




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